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Don't Go for Cheap Things Like This One Here

Hi, Friends! I woke up this morning with an advice to you.
What is the advice? Don't go for Cheap things! 

And do you know the cheapest thing? SYMPATHY. You know what?
Don't go about asking for Sympathy directly or indirectly from people no matter your condition or challenge. 

Go for SOLUTION! That you are hurt, disappointed, depressed or what have you and everybody gathers to tell you Sorry or feels for you that is Sympathy. But with all that you are still far away from Solution.

Challenge people to give you Solution rather than Sympathy. Move people to give you Answers rather than pity. Instead of you to tell me Oh sorry or even feel very sorry for me in my challenge; I would prefer you ask me: 'Friend, have you tried this; or Why don't you do this?' This can produce Solution. The greatest effect of Sympathy is tears of self-pity but the greatest effect of Solution is tears of joy and breakthrough.
The greatest sign of self-defeat in any challenge is seeking for sympathy from everybody! 
Be strong and be of good courage. You are winning already. Welcome to your season of Celebration! It is well with you!

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