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Keys To Unlock 2017

This Year your Success Story must be told. Good News you are among the people to be celebrated this year. Your dream is coming through. Your desire shall be delivered and above all, God's name shall be magnified because of you. I can't wait to join you in your Thanksgiving Celebration!

However, this Season I will be sharing with you the KEYS TO UNLOCK 2017. The Year 2017 is Pregnant with Possibilities. I may not know what has happened to you in the previous years, but I am pretty sure that 2017 is your Year of Incontestable Possibilities! I thought your Amen could have roared like Thunder? AMEN! Thank God it is in Capital letters!


KEY NO 1: DECISION: As simple as it sounds, that is the first step to realizing your 2017 dreams, goals or aspirations. Hear these principles are fundamental. Nothing happens to any individual basically in achieving a certain goal or attaining a pursuit without a personal decision. Bear in mind that you cannot achieve anything meaningful until you have decided to do so.

I discovered from the inspiration of God recently that there was no original creation known as: Satan, devil or demons. 

What do I mean? Check your Bible very well you will discover that God never created any being by name Satan, devil or demon.

God only created Lucifer, son of the morning who was perfect in beauty until something happened to him. In the same vein, God never created any demon or evil spirit. If this is true, the question then is how did this wicked beings called Satan, devil and demons come about?


God in his love and purpose created Lucifer, son of the morning who was perfect in beauty. But Lucifer one day according to Isaiah 14: 12-17 made a decision that changed him from Lucifer to Satan, devil. 

God also created Angels in his love and purpose to serve Him. But when the Angels with Lucifer in heaven saw the decision Lucifer made about one third of them also joined him to make same decision, and consequently were driven away together from heaven and they became demons. 
What made Lucifer to become Satan? His Decision. 
What made the Angels that followed him to become demons or evil spirits? The same Decision.

If one wrong decision could change the destiny and status of a Lucifer to Satan, Angels to demons; one right Decision you'll make this 2017 May, can change your entire status in life. 

  • A right decision can turn you from a sinner to a saint. 
  • It can turn you from a beggar to a giver, and 
  • A failure to a success. 
It is my prayer to God for you this year that you will not neglect or delay that Decision. But I think the first decision every wise man or woman is expected to make this day is to accept Jesus Christ into his/her life as Lord and personal saviour.

Remember, when the Prodigal son made that one Decision in his life to return to his Father, his story changed. I mean his status changed. 
If you can make that decision God is showing you or will be showing you through teachings, experience, counsel, revelation or information your story also will change in this 2017. 

I want to leave you with this question: 
  • what is the decision you are expected to make in your life this month? 
  • Could it be to leave a certain habit, group of persons, lifestyle, a particular business, place or even somebody? 
Find out for yourself and please do that quickly. You are lifted!

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