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Power to Create and Rule Your World

With a deep thought and concern about you and your world. I have this believe that you are not yet where you desire to be.

Thank God for where you are coming from and much more where you are! But the fact remains that you are not yet there. I can see that Big dream in your heart.

I mean I can imagine the great desires of your heart - Peaceful life, Successful marriage, career, health, great finances, unlimited progress, name it! Waoo!

For sure, these things are possible in your life. But why have they not become a reality? I think the answer is the reason for this post.

God wants you to activate the Power to create and rule your world.

The first Power to create and rule your world is your THOUGHT. I'm sure your surprised because what you got is not what you expected. Somebody is asking 'You mean my THOUGHT?' 'And that is it?' Yes, your thought.

Nothing is as Natural and Supernatural like the THOUGHT of a man. Your thought looks innocent, harmless yet it is the decider of your world. Have you not heard that THOUGHTS are THINGS. Whatever that exist pre-existed as a THOUGHT.

As a matter of fact,
If it does not pre-exist as thought it cannot be allowed to exist as a thing. This is the supernatural law of creation. I call it the law of birth. 

Let me illustrate with physical birth. Is there any possibility of a woman giving birth to a child physically that has not first existed in her womb? The answer is No, of course. The reason is if a child has not 'pre-existed' in the womb there is no basis for physical manifestation. To liken this to my point, the child in the womb represents your Thought and the giving of birth of that child is the creation of the reality.

Mind what you think! As it is written As a man thinks in his heart so he is. (Proverbs 23: 7).
You have the power to think whatever thing you want, but your thought has the power to create any reality. 
Do you know that the greatest hindrances to great achievement, success and breakthrough are Negative and Small thinking? Poor results are products of small minds. And the capacity of any mind is measured by what it thinks.

May the God of heaven sanctify your mind today, increase your thinking power, enlarged the scope of your imagination, accelerate the pace of your action and confirm the contents of your expectations, in Jesus name. You are blessed.

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