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​The 7 P's That Can Make Your May

For certain, everyone is looking for progress, success, breakthrough, testimony and what have you. No doubt, this is God's plan for you. But it is important to know the Principles to follow in order to achieve this. In this short post, I want to quickly share The 7 P's that can make you have a great Month.

To have a great May you need these P's:

1. PREPARATION: Preparation is key to any great achievement. Nobody achieves anything worthwhile without great preparation. I said sometime ago in the course of my teaching that 'Preparation is more important than the assignment itself.' How do I mean? 

Simple, it is the preparation that predicts the outcome of any assignment. Friend, the fact is that you are already in the Month of May just like the previous Months. But the question is how prepared are you for the month. Remember every month comes with its own challenges and struggles. 

Your ability to overcome these challenges is what announces your victory. However, without adequate preparation nobody is ready to win any contest or overcome any challenge. Sportsmen train, musicians and artists rehearse, students study and read, all to in preparation to succeed. What are your preparations for May?

2. PLANNING: Let me say this quickly, if success is your goal and great achievement your dream; there is no substitute for Planning. Nothing succeeds without a definite plan for it. I said in one of my training sessions that the definition of an Accident is an event that happened without planning for it. 

It follows therefore that anything you intend to achieve without planning for it is already an ACCIDENT. 
Do you know what? 

There can never be a Successful Accident. Or have you seen where an accident took place and it was said 'Oh thank God this was a very successful accident! Have you heard or seen that before! Take time to plan whatever you intend to do. I have said it that Hod does not pray as it were. Simply because He had nobody higher than Himself to depend on. Then how does He succeed in everything that He does? 
Simple, He plans everything He does. May I quickly say this. With no intention to undermine the power of prayer; praying without planning equals to failing without intending. Let me leave you with this: you can still fail praying without planning.

3. PRAYER: The third P that can make your May is Prayer. Prayer as simple as it sounds and looks is indispensable. Have you observed something that every religion of the world no matter the doctrine or philosophy believes in prayer irrespective of the object? 

No wonder it has been said that prayer is a universal language. A universal language in the sense that everybody speaks it and has a way he or she does that.

You cannot undermine the power of prayer! To understand the important place of prayer in human experience just look at Jesus prescription on prayer according to Luke 18: 1 '...that men ought always to pray, and not to faint;' (The King James Bible)
The only time prayer is not necessary is when God is not important. And the only man or woman who does not need prayer is the one who does not need God. I wonder who that kind of person is and where he or she lives!

I want to say here that to make it in the Month, Prayer must be a daily and regular personal exercise. Let me say quickly here everybody can be prayerful. I think the problem with prayer is the teaching and tradition a lot of so called 'Spiritual' people have surrounded it with. 

I have heard some people boast how they pray 4 to 5 hours everyday. Great! Some have even thought openly that if you cannot pray up to 1 hour everyday that you are not a Christian as if it was prayer that made you a Christian. Nobody was made a Christian or believer by prayer. You were made a Christian or believer by FAITH. Then as a believer or Christian you are commanded and expected to pray.

This kind of extremist teaching and position on prayer is what actually makes prayer frustrating and burdensome to many.

For all I care this kind of teaching is unfounded and not based on the Word of God. Prayer is a personal communication and relationship with God and should be personally arranged. Nobody is permitted to set general standard of prayer for anybody.

If you are personally called to the Ministry of prayer that you can spend hours in it thank God. But it is wrong to teach it as a standard. If prayer is going to God for personal fellowship, communion and supplication, the time spent in it should be determined by the individual involved. If you go to God in prayer and within 5 to 10 minutes you are done with the reason for which you went to Him; what stops you from coming out? And if at some other time it takes 1 hour or more to sought out the issues with Him why not?

Prayer is highly a personal thing. Don't enjoy boasting to people and making yourself look more spiritual than you are by giving the impression that you pray a lot. As a matter of fact, if you really pray a lot; you should not be the one to tell it. Let the results and people that have come in contact with the impact of your devotion say it.

I want to suggest something that can make you very prayerful and devotional. To start with what makes you prayerful? Jesus did not teach us that long hours in prayer is what makes us prayerful. He only said that men ought always to pray and not faint.

The word there that makes anyone prayerful is 'Always'. That simply means keep in touch with God no matter how short or brief you do it.
How can you do this? 
When you wake up in the morning and you spend 5 to 10 minutes appreciating God for Who He is, what He has done, what He has promised to do, what He is doing, what you expect Him to do according to His promises and even what He has not done which is subject to His plan and purpose; you have prayed.

And when you move into your bathroom for a shower you just thank Him. You are in your bedroom dressing up for work and you thank Him. You move into your car or riding in a train or bus and you just bowed your head and thank Him that is prayer. When you always do this, you are prayerful.

Please don't let anybody intimidate you with his or her story of 'burning bush' experience of long and desert prayers. If that is what works for him or her thank God for him. But let no person make light or condemn what works for you.

Follow this principle and discover how prayerful you will become. Wait a minute! Did you observe that a lot of people are afraid of prayer now because of how people have created boring and unscriptural standards?
It pays to pray! When you pray you depend on God. Make everything you do a matter of prayer no matter how short or long. 

Now you have known that prayer is no longer measured by the hours you spend but by your faith in God and obedience to call upon Him anytime, any day and anywhere; you can make the most of it.

In this month, God will go before you. He will fight for you and defend you. Whatever that need is in your life, family, business, marriage, health and finances He will meet it, in Jesus name. This month will be a great one for you!

I will continue with this message in my next post. Enjoy your month!

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