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The Signs of the Attitude of Ingratitude

I promised in my last post to update you with:


What are the signs of the ATTITUDE of INGRATITUDE?
1. NOT RESPONDING QUICKLY WITH A 'THANK YOU' FOR GOOD DONE TO YOU: Keeping quiet or delaying to respond appreciatively to an act of kindness shown to you by anyone is the first sign of INGRATITUDE. And you cannot be too busy as not to have time to return Thanks as it is an urgent duty. And what is urgent should be treated as so.

2. A FEELING OF 'ENOUGH WAS NOT DONE': Have this at the back of your mind that your expectations should not be anybody's command, therefore, it should not be the right parameter to measure people's act of kindness or good gesture towards you.

The feeling of 'Enough was not done' by anybody is the trigger of Ingratitude and one of the bold signs. Whatever somebody has done for or to you no matter how little deserves appreciation. Better still, why don't you thank him for the little first; who knows if that could be the key to the much expected!

3. COMPLAINING ABOUT PEOPLE, THEIR ACTIONS AND INTENTIONS: There is no how you keep complaining about people, their actions and intentions that you will remember to be grateful.
No fault finder a person will ever be grateful. 
Stop judging people, their actions and intentions from your viewpoint. Moreover, stop reading meanings into people's decisions, actions and intentions as this can only produce Ingratitude. Leave people with their intentions always express appreciation to every little good done to you.

4. COMPARING ONE PERSON'S KINDNESS TO YOU WITH ANOTHER: Comparing one person's kindness to you with another is a sign of ingratitude. Every individual is an independent person and has different reasons or considerations for what he or she does.

Therefore it will not be fair on the part of anybody to compare the kindness of two people shown to him. Instead of you to compare two people's kindness shown you why not appreciate them personally and differently?

5. MAKING DISPARAGING AND DEROGATORY REMARKS ABOUT PEOPLE AND WHAT THEY DID FOR YOU: Making negative and unsavoury remarks about people and what they did for you or gave to you is a sign of ingratitude.

Anytime somebody extends good gestures to you may be in terms of gift; look beyond the material. See the heart and motive behind the gesture which could be love or an intention to bless.
Don't talk down on people and what they have done for you. It is not good.
6. BITTING THE FINGER THAT FED YOU: It is common saying that one should not bite the finger that fed him. I think it is a wise saying that forewarns the act of ingratitude. It is not gratitude to fight, discredit, criticize people who have made immense and sincere contributions to your upbringing, greatness, success or whatever you have become.

Remember, without them you couldn't have been there. They could be your parents, leaders, mentors, boss, benefactors, organizations, colleagues, etc.

Always appreciate people God has used to make inputs to your life and results. 
It is ingratitude to bite the finger that fed you.

7. TAKING UNDUE ADVANTAGE OF OPPORTUNITIES CREATED FOR YOU BY SOMEONE: Making effort to edge out somebody who gave you a certain opportunity in life is the height of ingratitude. When somebody starts regretting ever giving you an opportunity it is a sign that he has been badly hit by your ingratitude.

It manifest in different forms. Don't take advantage of people who opened certain doors for you even when the opportunity shows up. Before you do that ask the question 'If this were done to me will I be pleased?'

I believe I have kept my promise with these few things I have shared with you in this little piece. I will meet you again.

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